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About Me ...

My name is Tima Lund and here is a potted history......


I was brought up by my granddads German Short haired Pointer, so dog was in my blood. Both my grand dad and dad trained dogs for work and fun. My dad was only into ‘doing it with food’, so I got the idea of reward based training from an early age. My first dog; Molly, a X breed I had in Zambia as a 5 yr old, she followed us all day and kept us safe from snake bites. Then, In Kenya, a few years later I got Saba Of Avis, a very posh German Shepherd, who was my friend until I was 15, we trained together, and I left the German Shepherd Club in Norway, because the trainer said I had to SHOUT my commands to the dog. My cocky reply as a 13 yr old was’ WHY? He’s not deaf!!! ‘ We joined the Doberman club instead; much gentler attitude.  And so it went on.

I became a trainer in Slough, and had the kennel staff from Batterseas Old Windsor kennel bring their long term stays to my class , to help the dogs adjust and become more adoptable. Later The kennel set up their own training programme.

I then spent a few years just training ‘problem dogs’  ( mostly problem owners) on a 1-2-1.

I started training at Roger Mugfords farm at  Chertsey, The Company of Animals,  joining their agility group, and eventually became both an agility trainer and pet obedience class trainer  part time.

I started breeding my own German Shepherds when I found it difficult to find dogs with correct temperament, shape and health  that I wanted to buy, and am now  8 generations of my own dogs. I still add to them from outside to keep the gene pool diverse.

I had one dog with massive allergy problems; so I became really interested in allergens in dogs; and have now got a lot of ideas about food additives and suitable food ingredients for dogs; and often use this knowledge to alter behaviour in problem cases before I start training the dog.

The last few years  I have been helping the West Berkshire gundog Club train their beginner classes, and got given a ‘hopeless case’ Cocker Spaniel that I named Vinnie the Vicious, as he so obviously was anything but! He is now joined by another working Cocker; Ruby; and together they are my main hope of beating some Border Collies at Agility!!!!( cockers are bad for your health, as I now also have Ace and  Truffle)

Somehow  early in 2014 I came home with a black labrador pup, Tau.... I have no idea what he is going to do, but so far he makes me laugh every day and develop sympathy for Lab owners who tell their dog eats everything....

I have 2 degrees and a teaching qualification; one in Biochemistry and one in Mechanical Engineering; and have spent many years studying animal behaviour and psychology of humans ( not much separate the 2 if truth be known).

My day job is teaching teenagers science and animal care, and the rest of my time is spent with my large family of furry people;  we walk, play, swim and have fun together.

Sometimes we make puppies.

Sometimes we do competitions, breed or agility at the moment, but in the past we did obedience and working trials as well.

I teach agility classes on a Sunday in Berkshire, a small friendly group of people who want to have fun and build their relationships with their dogs.






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