Aceman and Zola proudly present

The Chocolate Litter

Dogs, much loved, no longer with us.

"BALLOO" - Folkvang Beowolf



Born 01.06.04- FEB 2015.

Black and Gold.

Carries the black gene.

Hips; 4:3 = 7

Haemophilia tested clear.

Balloo is a kind and benevolent boy, third generation born in my house.

He is fabulous with puppies and children. Loves to play with any one who arrives. He has sired  several litters, and produced lovely offspring, both in looks, temperament and health.





FURBIE -Leyfo Scandinavian Sea at Folkvang

Furbie, long gone to Rainbow Bridge, he was the original start of the breeding line, although not my first GSD by a long shot! Perfect in every way, here he is flying at Aquadoggies doggie swimming pool.
ZeZe- Fouranfass Krystal Shadow
Colour: BLUE 
Perfect dog in every way; except was born without hips sockets!! (to parents with low hip scores, not mine)  I bought her to be a breeding bitch, but sadly that will never happen. She is a delight in every way, much loved, and has got an artificial hip joint put in just after she was 1. Her hip scores are 100!!!!! (well, not now, she has one 0 and one 50!!) She has managed fantastically after the operation, and no one would believe she only has one good hip.  Her job in life is to love and cuddle others, play to her hearts content and race around like a wild thing. My naughtiest girl, as she is spoiled rotten!! Clicker trained, and does what asked, but no working life for her in any way.  Any one wanting info about how to live with, before, during, and after hip surgery…just ask!! I have the tear stains.

Ace Man 12 months;Photo by

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