Aceman and Zola proudly present

The Chocolate Litter

Truffle and Ace have a lovely litter of pups born end of March. Agility or working homes preferred. Not going to first time dog owners due to the very strong working gnes in both parents pedigree.
For more info send us an email with your expectations and experience.

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Aceman and Artificial Insemination

Well, it was a first for both me and him.....a lovley working cocker in Finland, Sinni, wanted a 'best man' to have babies with....we were going to fly over together and have some fun. Ladies being what ladies are, Sinni decided to come into season well before I could take time off to travel. So we set about finding out about just sending the 'vital fluid' over. A BIG thank you to UK Clone, who are superb, dealing with all the tricky stuff, paperwork, customs, flights etc....

And the result is 4 healthy lovley pups born !

Now we just have to wait for them to grow up into little agility champs!

Ace Man 12 months;Photo by

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Some of Our Family..

Vinnie Running