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You have a socialisation chart that shows you all the things your pup must meet several times  before it is 14 weeks of age. This is VITAL for the Pup to become accustomed to all the ‘terrors’ of modern living. Problem…..your vet will tell you pup must not go out until 1 week after is’s SECONG vaccination…guess what….this is often after the critical socialisation time is up… So what do we do. WE CARRY our fat bundle to places and people. You DO take him/her out…….but NOT to the ‘doggy park’ . When family goes shopping, one member of the family sits by the entrance to the supermarket and lets every one stroke the pup. Trolleys going past etc, no problem. Take pup to middle of town, sit on a bench and allow pup to see and hear everything around him/her.  To the pub, summer fair, county show, changing of the guard in Windsor (very good for them!), in short anything unusual flashy or noisy you can imagine….get there and do it. Those first few weeks are so important you can’t fix it later!!!!!! Thousands of dogs are put to sleep each year because they are so afraid of the world, and their only response is to bite, bark and growl.

I should have showed you how the family can train the pup, and if you come to puppy parties here (Wed evening) I will continue to show you how to train. Most important commands; ‘Settle’, ‘Leave’ and ‘Come’, I will show you all of these, and ring and ask again and again. Take to socialisation classes, and then to puppy training classes. After that it is up to you. Keep in touch with me about ANYTHING that worries you about the dogs behaviour. If you talk to me the first time the dog does something odd, we can fix it easy, before it becomes a bad habit. Remember; retraining dogs with bad habits is what I do (£ 55 per hour and YOU get advice free for the whole life of your dog!!) so lets work together and prevent any bad habits forming. I will never think you are silly for phoning and asking!!!


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