Aceman and Zola proudly present

The Chocolate Litter

        "ACE "- Saxondawn Elton at Breezybrook..

Born: 19/07/10

Gonioscopy: Clear 31/05/11 & Clear 05/08/15

Annual Eye Test CPRA/GPRA: Clear 10/08/16


DNA for prcd-PRA; CLEAR


Hip Scores  5/5=10

Proven Sire

Ace by name and ace by nature. He is but a youngster, but the cleverest, most positive dog I have met for a long time. He has great skills in reading other dogs, and so far not had a single falling out with anyone. He is quick to learn, and I have to be careful before I show him something new, as IF I get it wrong, he has got it .....wrong.....
Lively and fun describes him, glass not half full.... no Ace's glass is constantly overflowing with fun.
He has sired seven litter of healthy pups, some of whom are showing their potential as Agility dogs already.One litter is growing up in Finland via AI.
Contact me for information about using him at stud. 

           " MASAI " - Tracelyn Hobson at Folkvang..

Born 08.09.09.

Heamophilia clear

Elbows 0;0

Hips 10;8, ( wild child, but sister has 0;0 score).

Proven sire.

Available to carefully selected Bitches ( my judgement, not his)


Sired by Manchester Police dog MANPOL FUDGE, a gorgeous lovely boy.Gentle and Kind, bright but not over the top. Happy to cuddle on the sofa as well as charging around the forest.

He Qualified for Crufts 2011 at his first ever show, thanks to Judge Bill Jackson at WELKS.

Then he got  more Rosettes that allow him entry to Crufts at Southers Alsatian Training Society thanks to Judge Paula Yates.

March 2011 Masai WON his Class, Special Yearling at Crufts, thanks to  Gary Grey. a  

                   very proud day for both his breeder, Margaret Crispin and myself.



Qualified for Crufts 2015.

 Born 17.10.2013.Picture age 20 monthsPicture age 5 months

COI 13.1 %

BVA Eye Certificate; Clear Aug 2017.

BVA HIPS; 5:7=12


prcd PRA by DNA; CLEAR, not affected

CNM by DNA; CLEAR; not affected. 

EIC by DNA ; Carrier; not affected,must only be used on bitches that are tested clear. 

Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen; Bronze Award.

He joined us in January..... I just fell in love with his proper intention of owning a labrador. However, he is not just a pretty face. He is proving very easy to train. All the other dogs have accepted him with not as much as a sulky look. Balloo has taken him under his paw....teaching him the rules of the house. LV makes sure he learns to play nicely, and even sulky Vinnie has mellowed and is playing with him.(Vinnie does not like pups, has no skills in that area)

Placed third at his first open show, age 6 months and 1 day. Think with his ancestors a few more shows are in order. Maybe an obedience career becons. I doubt he has the build for agility, but then neither do I, so maybe we will be fine together. 

Tau age 3.
He continues to be the most positive and biddable boy. Always eager to please. A joy to work and live with.

Ace Man 12 months;Photo by

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