Aceman and Zola proudly present

The Chocolate Litter

The Girls.....

Tenchleys Rambling Rosie at Folkvang; ZOLA

Zola joined us as a baby, her dad Summervilles Gamefinder of Raezhaven is a personal favourite of mine. 

D.O.B 27.05.2012

Genetically clear of prcd-PRA and FN, DM and AMS

Annual Eye Test; Clear 2017

Gynioscopy ; Predispostion for Glaucoma; unaffected G

Hip Score 5:3=8 and Elbows Zero.

She is therefore FULLY HealthTested and fine to have pups.Her previous litter are already doing well in agility,


Folkvang Destiny; KARMA
d.o.b; 23.03.2017
daughter of Aceman and Truffle
DNA tested Claear for AMS
Hereditary clear for prcd-PRA and FN
Goniodysgenisis; CLEAR
BVA Annual Eye Certificate; Clear August 2017
A full of fun puppy; who is loving training and being the youngest in the house. 

Folkvang Lotte; Daughter of Balloo and Pickle; CoCo

CoCo was born here and is a real asset to her parents. She is a very calm Shepherd, even though very young. She is kind and gentle, and loves other dogs puppies, all dogs and cats. 

She carries the black gene, and will produce pups that are deeper in colour with less colour paling.

D.O.B 20.07.2012

Hip Score 7:7 

Elbows =ZERO

CoCO at 6 monthsAs a mum CoCo  Summer 2015

INTRODUCING; Geordieland Tessa at Folkvang;  SPIRIT

d.o.b 17.05.2016

DNA test; CNM clear;prcd_PRA Clear EIC clear

Annual Eye Certificate; Clear.

His/Elbows; 9/10; elbows 0.


dam; Geordieland Norma Jean

Fabulous little lady! Keeping me on my toes.

SHHHHHH...yes, I know it's Labrador number 3.......

Jetril Jazz at Folkvang- LV

D.O.B; 06.04.2011

 LV (Lemon Vodka...don't ask!) comes from a long line of working GSD's, her mum; Jetril Sundance has a 0:0 hipscore, and her dad; The Fox of Foxfold is a boy to behold. 

Her Hipscores are 3:3, elbows 0. 

She also hold a Clear Eye Test Certificate.

She is sound in mind and body and has started agility training. She is kind to all living things, from chicks to cats.

Here she is at 12 weeks and at 6 months 'hogging' the Fish4Dogs stand at Discover Dogs. New 'big girl' picture to follow. 

  Starting agility training  

Running...just for fun.


Mythical Mayhem at Folkvang;  TRUFFLE

D.O.B; 20.05.2011

Black with Tan Points Working Cocker. undocked.

Fully health tested

DNA tests for prcd-PRA  and FN; both clear

Annual Eye test; Clear 25.03.2017

Gynioscopy; Predispostion for Glaucoma; unaffected G

Hips 4:5 

She is a 'full on' fun filled girl. Speedy and enthusiastic in equal measures. Very biddable, but sitting still for any length of time a bit of a challenge at the moment.  She concentrates for hours on end and does not seem to tire.


  She will be mated to Aceman in 2015.

Pickle - Tracelyn Tiger Lily at Folkvang...



Born 12.05.09    ALL BLACK.

Soft as butter, Pickle by name and nature. She is a sweetie,sound in mind and body; she was the perfect mum to her first litter and is being just as good with her second

April and May 2010 were quite momentous; First she was placed At WELKS champ show and qualified for Crufts 2011. Then at Southers Alsation Training Society Champ show she got a first. Not bad for an All Black.

Thanks to Judges Shirley Jackson and John McLain for liking my girl.


 Pickle with handler Michael, aged 7 months.

Ace Man 12 months;Photo by

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